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Our technologies are used to dry grains, quench coffee beans, rewet soy meal, control pet food production and optimize pellet mill operations. Whether you handle grains, pellet feed, pet food, meals or powders, let Dryer Master® deliver a moisture monitoring or moisture control solution that meets your needs.


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ffi tower dryer

Mike in Michigan

Mike works with two Dryer Master DM510s, with the first one having been purchased almost 20 years ago. Both DM510s run on ffi grain dryers. The site dries about 600,000 bushels of corn per year.


What convinced you to buy a Dryer Master in the first place?


We were convinced to buy one because our neighbors and the local co-op had one. Read More>> 



Kenton in Illinois

Kenton has had his Dryer Master DM510 for four years. He uses it on his Grain Handler grain dryer to dry about 250,000 bushels of corn a year.


What convinced you to buy a Dryer Master in the first place? 


What I first liked about the Dryer Master was that it has an input moisture sensor as well as an output moisture sensor so it can anticipate changes. Read More>>


Grain Handler dryer



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Grain Dryer Manufacturers



Neco manufactures a complete line of mixed flow grain dryers with holding capacities from 430 to 5000 bushels. Dryer Master control technology is embedded in its Commander Dryer Control system and Dryer Master moisture monitoring technology is utilized in the Commander Lite control version. 


aggrowth.com/neco grain dryers



Mathews Company
Mathews Company

Mathews Company offers tower, low-profile, and mixed flow grain dryers that come with the innovative Pinnacle 20|20 touchscreen control system. Dryer Master real time moisture and advanced control technologies are embedded in its Accu Dry control system. 





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Application Examples


Rice-Paddy Moisture Monitoring

Rice/Paddy Moisture Monitoring

Rice/Paddy Moisture Measurement and

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Soymeal Moisture Monitoring

Soymeal Moisture Monitoring

Soymeal Moisture Measurement and

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At Dryer Master we have 30 years experience applying our core moisture measurement and moisture control technologies in a number of different configurations and in a wide range of industrial applications.


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