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About Dryer Master



Dryer Master is based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario - right where Canada's corn belt meets Canada's Technology Hub. Our head office is just minutes away from both Canada's largest year-round Farmer's Market and one of Canada's top engineering universities.


Dryer Master's control system measures the grain dryer output moisture and temperature with a sensor fin and probe Dryer Master's control system measures the input grain moisture and temperature with a sensor fin and probe Dryer Master uses a predictive algorithm to control the discharge rate of grain moving through the dryer


What We Do


At Dryer Master we deliver smart tools to simplify and improve process management.



More than 30 years ago a research and development team got together to solve a major problem in the grain industry. Farmers and elevators were losing grain and money from over and under drying their grain. The challenge was to try to find a way to help dryer operators dry more grain closer to their target moisture.


The solution that emerged had two parts. First, to get a better understanding of what was going on in the dryer the team developed rugged, dependable in-line moisture sensors to provide continuous real time moisture information. These sensors were then placed in the product flow - one at the inlet to the dryer and one at the outlet.


This valuable information made it possible to build computer models of what was happening in the dryer and then to continually update these models as conditions changed.


When these two technologies were combined, Dryer Master was able to introduce its first drying control systems to the North American grain industry in 1983. Since then, our experience has allowed us to continually enhance and improve these technologies.


Today Dryer Master is the industry leader for moisture monitoring and control within the ag industry and has expanded the application of its technology into a range of other industries including pet food, coffee, and engineered wood products.


Our customers experience real savings from a more consistently dried product, reduced product shrinkage (due to over drying), and reduced energy costs. Then there is the peace of mind that comes from knowing their process is being looked after, even during the busiest of times.



Dryer Master® is a registered trademark of Dryer Master Inc.




Recent Events

Dryer Master introduces its Moisture Monitor Pro and DM100 products.





Dryer Master debuts a model of its moisture sensor designed for intrinsically safe environments.

Several new customers adopt the DM510EC drying control system for intergation into their offerings.





Dryer Master successfully achieves
ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Dryer Master adds a second model of its outlet moisture sensor chute with rotary feed.




Dryer Master introduces an outlet moisture sensor chute with a rotary feed.

Dryer Master introduces major enhancements to its DM Mobile remote access software. See it now!




Dryer Moisture Systems selected as a finalist for the 2015 Ontario Export Awards.

Dryer Master debuts DM-Mobile, giving dryer operators real time drying control on their smart phone, tablet or PC through a simple web interface.




Dryer Master is on track to deliver another record number of systems into the grain industry this season, both in the North American market, and internationally.

A record year for Dryer Master as new dryer buyers love the integrated approach, and dryer manufacturers increasingly see the benefits of offering Dryer Master on new dryer sales.




Dryer Master introduces a new OEM solution that integrates smoothly with Neco dryers, simplifying installation and operation.

Dryer Master introduces stand alone moisture monitoring solutions for customers who need real time moisture information.




Dryer Master is selected to be the sole supplier providing moisture control solutions to a host of new elevators being built in China under their 5 year plan.

Wolf Seltner, one of the original developers of Dryer Master, takes over as President and CEO.