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Happy 40th Anniversary To Us!


We're excited to have you share 40 years of Dryer Master moisture control systems with us. 

To celebrate, we're giving away a free year of DM Mobile. We have also updated our DM Mobile software with added system security. To get your new DM Mobile software and this year’s subscription on us, simply:


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DM Mobile

Remote Access


During the drying season you are busy, and you don’t always have time to be at the dryer. That’s where DM MOBILE®, Dryer Master’s remote access platform for the DM510 becomes invaluable. You can monitor your drying from your combine, from your home, or from anywhere you have internet access.

Easy to use

With DM Mobile you see drying information in real time and you can also make changes to modes and setpoints from your phone, tablet or desktop. No special app is required. Simply open your favorite browser and go to my.dryermaster.com and login.


To try our DM Mobile demo, go to my.dryermaster.com and login using "demo" for both the username and password. The demo is running a simulated dryer, so you can make changes and see the impact of the changes.



You can see:

  • Real time inlet and outlet moistures

  • Inlet and outlet grain temperatures

  • Drying air temperature

  • Discharge rate

  • Moisture setpoint

  • Alarms

  • Graphing

  • History


You can change:

  • The discharge rate (in Manual)

  • Modes (Local, Manual, Auto)

  • The moisture setpoint


You can also:

  • Get a text to your phone on an alarm

  • Download historical data in a spreadsheet format.

Dryer Master web app allows remote monitoring & control of DM 510 grain dryer control system




Imagine being able to sit on your combine monitoring your dryer, or being at home and able to see what is happening with your dryer.


DM Mobile requires a wired internet connection (either from a router or wireless access point). First year access comes included with each DM510 system. There is an annual subscription for subsequent years.



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