Dryer Master

DM510 Embedded Solution

Dryer Master’s embedded solution (DM510ec) is ideal for grain dryer manufacturers looking to provide Dryer Master’s real time moisture monitoring and grain drying control technologies as part of a complete dryer offering to their customers.



The Components

The DM510ec grain drying control system includes:

  • A real time moisture sensor for the inlet to the dryer.

  • A real time moisture sensor for the outlet to the dryer.

  • A hardware module consisting of a motherboard and a 24v power supply, typically installed in the dryer control panel.

  • Dryer Master grain drying control software.

Each dryer manufacturer integrates the system into their own dryer user interface to provide a customized operator experience.

DM510 Embedded Solution product photo



How it Works

The control functionality of the DM510ec is essentially the same as that of the standalone DM510 except that the actual operator interface is now integrated into the dryer panel user interface. The user gets the same proven Dryer Master performance as with the DM510, but now with a one stop integrated panel. For integration the 510e system communicates via the industry standard Modbus RTU serial communication protocol and provides outputs to the dryer panel PLC or HMI (Human Machine Interface).



The Results

The embedded system allows grain dryer manufacturers to offer proven and trusted Dryer Master control as part of their dryer offering, at a very cost-effective price. With the ability to seamlessly integrate Dryer Master functionality into their dryers, manufacturers can also create their own unique operator interfaces, tailored to the needs of their customers.